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Dra. Daniela Gorgulho

Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine in Lisbon

Dr Daniela Gorgulho is a Dermatologist.

Order of Doctors of Portugal: 65423.


In the health area, she takes care of the health of your skin, hair and nails, performs biopsies, dermatological surgeries, etc.

In Aesthetic Medicine, she performs procedures with the most advanced dermatological technologies that provide patients with beauty and youthfulness in an elegant and natural way.

He works at his clinic - Sky Clinic - in Lisbon.


Dr. Daniela publishes content about skin care on Instagram, her YouTube channel and Facebook.

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Dermatological Consultation

✔️ Dr Daniela Gorgulho's consultation is very different, complete and lasts around 40 minutes.

✔️ The appointment is by scheduled time, which gives you a shorter waiting time.

✔️ She analyzes the health of your hair, nails, skin, as well as your complaints.

✔️ Provides you with health recipes and daily care.

✔️ Indicates aesthetic protocols if desired.

✔️ We guarantee that it will be the best Dermatological consultation you have ever had in your life. 😍
✔️ The consultation fee is €90

Sky Clinic Lisbon

Sky Clinic Lisbon

Rua Hermano Neves, 22A

Telheiras neighborhood

Postal code : 1600-477

For booking and other information, contact us via WhatsApp:

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